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Dr. Masters is in active practice.  If you or someone you know is in the position of “having tried everything” and you would like to consult with Dr. Masters feel free to write, call or email him.


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State Energy Remedy® (SEREM)® stimulates balancing of the energy flow of the patient’s nervous system and meridian system allowing the intelligent energy to flow through the body with less interference.  


For your benefit  State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic (SEREM®) evaluates each of your symptoms to determine which of the many paths of your two energy pathways (nerve system - meridian system) are involved.  Upon finding the your symptom’s dysfunctional energy path, SEREM® clears the energy pathway so your body  becomes more responsive to your intelligent energy, as in better health. SEREM®  clearing may be compared to flipping an electrical switch, repairing a blown fuse or removing the static interference from your radio frequency.


When working with your body’s energies, symptom reduction may happen almost instantly.  Health restoration requires more time because health restoration requires a change of body function which takes longer and is not immediate.


Note:  If you have had to consult another doctor for your condition and the doctor has prescribed treatment so that your life is more comfortable, it is not prudent or necessary for you to stop the prescribed treatment until the other doctor has re-evaluated your condition.   State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic should function just as well with your doctor’s prescribed treatment.

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