Abdominal bloating*

Acid Reflux symptoms*

Anxiety symptoms*

Arm pain *

Arthritis pain Asthma*

Back pain *

Bronchitis symptoms

Carpal tunnel symptoms*

Celiac Syndrome*



Cough *

Depression symptoms*


Digestive upset *


Ear pain*

Eosinophilic gastroenteritis*

Eye pain*

Fatigue *

Fibromyalgia *

Foot numbness*

Foot pain *


Hand numbness*

Headache *

Hiatal Hernia symptoms*

High blood pressure*

High blood sugar*

Hip pain *

Hot flashes*

Insomnia *

Irritable bowel symptoms*

Irritable Bowel Syndrome*


Knee pain *

Leg numbness*

Leg pain *

Loose stool*

Lumbar disc symptoms*

Migraine nausea*

Migraine pain*

Migraine vomiting*

Muscle cramps *

Nausea *

Neck pain *

Nocturnal leg cramps*

Nocturnal urination symptoms*


Radiating pain*

Scalp sores*

Sciatica symptoms*

Shingles symptoms*

Shortness of breath *

Shoulder bursitis symptoms *

Skin sores*

Stomach  pain *

Sugar handling problems*

Swallowing difficulty*


Wry neck*

and many other symptoms.

For more information about why they all respond to the SEREM® technique.


Symptoms that patients report responding to

SEREM® (State Energy Remedy®) Chiropractic




(The one thing they all have in common is each is caused by discordant autonomic energy.

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